SPATULA{from seven beers in tibet}
She held a Spatula in the backyard.There's going to be a huge firey explosion,I must escape from the barn ,she held a psychology book at her arm ,a look in harms way,I must escape from the barn,I must escape from the lepperchaun.The propane tank,is emotionaly over loaded theres going to be a huge FiReY ExPlOsIon! I must escape from the barn...I must escape from the lepperchaun.oh look me in the arm ,she spoke,she held a spatula in the back yard....

c*1998 ~ cross eyed music.

Digital video artist Steve Blank is currently studying Wooden Thomas as a subject.

W.T. is in good care. The nurse, Sue Sniblet, says that Tom hates fluorescent light and any other ceiling light over his head. Redundant noises such as popular techno and rap make him very upset. He loves chocolate and fish, bulk style green tea, and has not been to the dentist in 17 years. If you see Wooden Thomas, please notify us. Let us know where you saw him, what he was wearing, if he stared at you or not, and if so in what manner, and above all, give him lots of love.

Thank you, and God bless,
Twilight Headquarters and Jersey Devil GraphiX

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